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“The Westturf Difference – To provide quality landscape management for the property professional. To manage investments by providing proper plant health through environmentally sound practices. To become a trusted partner for all of our clients by educating everyone involved and creating a healthy environment we can all enjoy.”


“To all the folks at Westturf,


I wish to extend my most sincere thanks and appreciation for the work you do here at LBHOA. The first week that your company started work on our property the improvement was noticeable. Residents came up to me and remarked how nice everything was starting to look.


More importantly you are the unsung heroes of our HOA!!! What many people don't know is at 7:00am on December 31, 2008 my phone rang. It was the water department informing me of a break in an irrigation water main line. I ran outside and saw a 20 foot geyser shooting up in the air. The water had washed literally tons and tons of mud into the city street. The mud was at least 18 inches deep and ran a stretch of about 100 feet along the road.


I immediately called your office and on a day when most companies were planning to leave early for a very long New Year’s Day weekend, a friendly voice on the other line said she would send the nearest crew.

Within 20 minutes of the call, I had at least 6 trucks and several city departments all over my property taking pictures and taking notes. I thought my HOA was in big trouble with the city with fines, cleanup fees, the whole nine yards.


Within 90 minutes of the first call Westturf came to the rescue. Westturf arrived with a crew of 6 men including the company owner, Dave, and a "BobCat" to clean up the mess.


These men had planned to take off at about noon for a long weekend. Instead they worked all that day and throughout the weekend, not only to clean up the mud, and they also laid plastic on the hill because there was a danger of a mudslide. Over the weekend, it rained, and they even worked in the rain. They even brought the mud from the street back up to the top of the hill to replace what had been washed away.


As a result, the City was so impressed by the response, we did not get any fines or clean up fees from the City. The men and women who work at Westturf went above and beyond the call of duty. When the chips were down and others would have said "Call us back after the holiday," Westturf stood up to the plate and hit a grand slam. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With the greatest appreciation..."


—David A., President LBCHOA, Feb 2009





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