How You Can Help

How You Can Help

How You Can Help

We need your help!

Elevate is a small select team, but we realize that we can’t have the greatest impact possible without help! We are looking for support or strategic partners to help in the following areas:

-Financial support. Every dollar counts, so anything you can spare goes 100% toward helping families.

-Used Automobiles. Access to transportation is vital for our families, so if you know of anyone looking to donate a reliable used car, please let us know.

-Safe, Affordable Housing. A safe place to live is of the utmost importance, but it is also the largest cost of the program. If you know of (or would like to donate/subsidize) affordable housing, please let us know. We believe this to be one of the most important elements of building independence, so any support you can offer is greatly appreciated.

-Job Opportunities or Training. We are very clear that we want to help family members find employment with upward mobility and skills development. In other words, we are looking for jobs that allow the family to make enough to survive today, while also enabling them to “move up the ladder” in their career by developing more skillsets within their work. If you know of anyone with employment that may meet these standards, please let us know.

-Food: We are seeking help sponsoring a family’s food budget or donating truly healthy food for a specific period of time. We would also love to have a local farm partner as food supplier.

-Other Opportunities. We know that there are many opportunities available that we haven’t explored, so if you can think of someone or something that may be able to help, please reach out. We are open to your ideas!

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