Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping Services in San Diego, CA

Westturf promotes and specializes in sustainable landscaping services that save water, reduce garden waste, and result in beautiful landscapes. A sustainable landscape protects your investment with environmentally friendly and sound horticultural practices.

Reducing costs makes good business sense, and sustainable landscaping can do just that.

Benefits of Sustainable Landscaping for HOAs, Shopping Centers, and Industrial Parks

  • Minimizes water use
  • Reduces costs
  • Reduces garden waste
  • Improves soil health
  • Drought tolerant
  • Controls stormwater

Installing a Low Water Landscape in San Diego

A low water landscape will require only minimal resources to maintain. At Westturf, our diligent practices include soil management, proper plant selection, and resource conservation. Westturf will design your sustainable landscape with thoughtful planning, which can provide increased plant health and longevity. Your new landscape will be attractive, harmonious, and efficient. Plus, a sustainable landscape is also self-perpetuating over time. 

Sustainable Landscape Design Ideas

When we talk about sustainable landscaping in California, it’s much more than hot and dry gardens with gravel and cactus. In fact, reducing water use doesn’t mean your property must be wholly paved and bare. Here's why:

California is home to a variety of native flowering plants that protect the environment as well as provide nourishment for wildlife, birds, and bees. At Westturf, we aim to make your job easier whether managing HOA communities, shopping centers, industrial parks, etc. Our sustainable landscaping experts will help you select native plants that will enhance your property. From there, our landscape design team will design an ideal layout for your outdoor space with native plants that look welcoming and attractive year-round. 

Sustainable Landscaping in San Diego County with Native, Drought Tolerant Plants

In California, we face persistent drought, which draws down water supplies. Westturf Landscape Management will work with you to create a sustainable landscape design that saves water and money.

There are thousands of plants unique to our area. With over 50 years of landscape management experience, we know which plants will maintain their beauty, even during drought. 


Get Started with Sustainable Landscaping

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