Drought Landscaping

Sustainable Landscaping

Westturf promotes and specializes in sustainable landscaping services that save water, reduce garden waste, and result in beautiful landscapes. A sustainable landscape protects your investment with environmentally friendly and sound horticultural practices.

Westturf will design your drought tolerant yard to be attractive, harmonious and efficient. The landscape will require only minimal resources to maintain. Our practices include soil management, proper plant selection and resource conservation.

Sustainable landscaping provides increased plant health and longevity, and is self-perpetuating over time.


Benefits of Drought Tolerant Landscaping in San Diego, CA

  • Conserves water
  • Reduced water bills
  • Low maintenance
  • Hardier and resistant to pests
  • Increased biodiversity
  • Less need for mowing
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Creates wildlife habitat


Let's work together

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