How to Spice Up Your Yard with an Herb Garden

How to Spice Up Your Yard with an Herb Garden

It doesn't get much better than spicing up a meal with fresh-grown herbs. Herbs add flavor to meals and benefit your overall health. People have been growing herbs for thousands of years, both for culinary and medicinal benefits. So, if you're looking for ways to spice up your yard, growing herbs in your landscape is ideal for bringing beauty and aromatic goodness to your outdoor space!


One of the great things about growing an herb garden is how easy it is. You don't need a large space to start one, and you can easily plant some in pots and grow an herb garden on a balcony. You can even start an indoor herb garden to enjoy the fresh scent of herbs in your home.

herb garden

You can start growing herbs outdoors in the following ways:

  • Growing herbs in raised beds
  • Containers
  • Hanging baskets (ideal for growing an herb garden on a balcony)
  • Vertical shelves or racks

You can start growing an herb garden in San Diego today and enjoy fresh-grown herbs in no time. Here are a few of our favorite herb varieties to consider adding to your landscape, whether growing an herb garden on a balcony, in an herb planter, or in a space in your yard.


  • Rosemary: Year-round season. Best to plant in March.
  • Chives: Spring/Fall season. Best to plant in February-March.
  • Basil: Summer season. Best to plant in April-May.
  • Cilantro: Spring/Fall. Best to plant in October-March.
  • Sage: Year-round. Best to plant in January-February.
  • Parsley: Spring/Fall season. Best to plant in October-June.
  • Thyme: Year-round. You can plant time any month.
  • Oregano: Summer season. Best to plant March-June.
  • Sweet Marjoram: Year-round. Best time to plant is in March.

How to Grow an Herb Garden

Light requirements: At least 6 hours of full sun a day

Soil requirements: Use high-quality, well-drained soil when planting herbs in a container, hanging baskets, or window boxes. Amend the soil with organic compost or manure, and be sure that there is adequate drainage.

Water: Not all herbs require the same amount of watering. Some, like rosemary, lavender, and thyme, prefer to be drier.

Fertilizer requirements: Little to no supplemental fertilizer is required. However, when planting, you can add slow-acting fertilizers such as cottonseed meal, bone meal fertilizer spikes, or blood meal to the soil. You can also supplement it with water-soluble fish emulsion.

Pruning and pinching: Lavender and Rosemary require regular pruning. For herbs like basil, you can prolong plant life by deadheading the flowers. Pinching branch tips is an excellent way to encourage a full, bushy habit. Pinching the branch tips will also help produce a higher yield.

basil herb

Herb Garden Tips

  • Choose herbs you plan to use
  • Select herbs that are easy to grow
  • Harvest in the A.M.
  • Some herbs complement other herbs and vegetables, for example:
  • Planting basil next to tomatoes can help repel flies and mosquitos
  • Planting mint near cabbage is an excellent way to deter white cabbage moth
  • You can always plant sage near cabbage, rosemary, and carrots, but keep sage away from cucumbers.


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