To Mow, or Not to Mow

To Mow, or Not to Mow

No Mow May is one of the fastest growing trends on the landscaping scene. So, what is No Mow May? It's a trend encouraging people to delay the first mow of the season. By delaying the first mow of the season and letting your lawn grow, you can temporarily create a more biodiverse and hospitable environment for pollinators awakening after the winter season.

Here’s the thing: No Mow May started in the U.K., which has a different climate than the U.S. That said, it may not be the best thing to do for our region. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of temporarily nixing lawn mowing.  bees on grass

No Mow May Pros and Cons

At its core, No Mow May is a simple concept—refrain from mowing your lawn. However, it's important to consider if this approach aligns with your specific circumstances, especially for commercial properties. Below are No Mow May pros and cons.


  • It creates a more hospitable and biodiverse environment for pollinators.
  • It creates awareness that beneficial insects have specific needs.


  •  It creates an unkept look (not a great option for those who prefer a well-maintained green space.)
  •  All the bugs and critters who have made their homes in your uncut lawn may not survive the big chop.
  •  It may not adhere to your HOA’s community rules.
  • City ordinances may have a limit on grass height.

Alternative to No Mow May

If you've read the No Mow May pros and cons and it doesn’t suit your needs, there are other strategies you can explore. For instance, you could reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides and chemicals, which can be detrimental to pollinators and their food sources. Another option is pocket planting, a technique that can be used to work around municipal or HOA restrictions on grass height.

Essential Considerations

Allowing your lawn to grow to immense heights could make it difficult when it’s time to mow at the end of the month. One of the best ways to tackle this task is to slowly lower your grass's height. Give it several mows; that way, you won’t send your lawn into shock. It’s also a great way to let pollinators realize it’s being cut back.


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