Eliminating Weeds the Sustainable Way: Tips for 2024

Eliminating Weeds the Sustainable Way: Tips for 2024

You’ll want to clear weeds during the first four weeks of their life to prevent them from taking vital nutrients from the soil. At Westturf, we take pride in using little to no chemicals to remove weeds. Getting rid of weeds naturally is better for the environment and the health of your family and pets. So, with that said, here are ways to sustainably remove weeds from your landscape.

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Pull them out by hand or dig them up: You can manually pull or dig weeds out, no matter the season. However, weeds are easier to pull out when they’re young and the soil is wet. Also, be sure to get the roots out as well. Pull weeds out at the base and twist gently for the best results. If the roots are accidentally snapped off, you can use a fork to get the rest of the plant, including the roots, out of the ground.


removing weedsMulching: Weeds need sunlight to grow. Blocking their access to sunlight can stop weeds from germinating, and they’ll eventually die out. So, how can you block access to sunlight? Mulching! Lay some organic mulch, like leaves, straw, or wood chips, over the soil around your plants. Doing this will not only obstruct light; it will also retain moisture and moderate soil temperature.



Use homemade natural herbicides: Sure, chemical weed killers can remove weeds. But chemical weed killers are dangerous. Using natural weed killers is safe for pets, people, wildlife and just a much safer way to get rid of pesky weeds. Unfortunately, some weeds are resistant to natural herbicides. The good news is that you can try some natural weed killers, such as:

  • Salt: Dissolve 1 cup of salt in 8 cups of hot water. Let it cool, then add a splash of dish soup, and pour the contents into a spray bottle. Be sure not to oversaturate the soil as nothing will grow in soil that’s been contaminated with salt.
  • Vinegar: Mix a little liquid soap with full strength white vinegar and spray the mixture on weeds.
  • Boiling water: Boil hot water and pour it over unwanted plants that grow in sidewalk cracks! You might have to do this more than once, but eventually those pesky weeds will die off.
  • Fire: You can use a small torch or flame weeded to remove weeds. However, this method is not recommended if you live in a fire prone area.
  • Borax: This extremely alkaline cleaning product is very high on the pH scale. To use, dissolve a ½ cup in a gallon of water then spray the mixture directly on the leaves of weeds. NOTE: Borax is toxic if ingested.


Ensure weeds don't receive light: Weeds, like plants, need light to grow. If you're tired of dealing with a yard full of weeds that keep coming back, shut out the light! One of the best ways to keep light away is to cover the soil with brown cardboard or a damp black ink newspaper. It's not a cure-all because some persistent perennial weeds will still survive, but most weeds won't grow through the newspaper or cardboard.



Cut off the heads of weeds: Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is pull weeds. You can do the next best thing—chop their heads off to keep them from setting seed and starting to flower!


Aerate: Some weeds thrive in compact soil, and aerating loosens up hard soil. Core aeration is also great for a lawn; it allows nutrients, sunlight, water, and oxygen to absorb and reach the lawn's root system.


When to Hire a Professional to Eliminate Weeds

Controlling persistent weed invasions on large lots and properties takes a lot of work. Many times, it makes more sense to hire a professional landscape company. Professional landscapers have the knowledge and the proper tools to eliminate persistent weeds. What's more, a professional landscaping company knows how to keep the soil around the plants healthy so that the plants you want can grow and beautify your landscape!


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