Spring Into Action: April Gardening To-Do List

Spring Into Action: San Diego April Gardening To-Do List

Can you believe it’s already April? It seems like we just popped the cork to welcome the new year. Well, spring has sprung, and with its arrival comes your springtime to-do list. San Diego County’s USDA plant hardiness zones are parts of 9, 10a, 10b, and bits of 11a, which means we can plant and grow a wide range of plant species this time of the year. 


We have compiled a to-do gardening list and tips to help you grow a successful garden in spring and beyond. Let's dig in!


hibiscus plantWhat to plant: it’s beginning to warm up, so it’s a good time to choose plants that thrive in heat. Consider planting heat-loving plants such as hibiscus, oleander, or bougainvillea. What’s more, springtime in San Diego County offers an ideal climate for growing exotic fruits, including guavas, mangoes, and everyone’s favorite avocados. There’s still time to plant sweet potatoes, beans, Chinese cabbage, and Southern peas.



Pro Tip: It’s also an excellent time to plant a wide variety of shrubs in your landscape. You can also keep planting succulents and hearty vegetables. 


Watering schedule: We have certainly enjoyed a good amount of rainfall this year. However, it’s still a good idea to monitor your garden for signs of drought. Watering deeply and infrequently can encourage root growth. garden watering


Soil: keep enriching your soil. You can do this by adding organic

matter. When soil is well-drained and fertile, plants grow healthy. 


mulching in the gardenMulching: apply mulch to help conserve water, suppress weeds, and

keep root systems cool during the hot summer months. 


Pest Management: As the weather warms up, more pests tend to emerge. This is a critical time to establish a routine of inspecting your plants for pests. Pests can wreak havoc on your vegetable garden and undo all your hard work. Click here to learn how to master pest prevention in your garden.

Weeds: Keep up with the weeds in your garden by pulling them up before they get established. We recommend weeding in the morning or early evening when it’s still cool outdoors. 


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