Six Popular Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Six Popular Spring Flowers for Your Garden

Isn’t it amazing how each spring, Mother Nature puts on quite a performance? We blink, and just like that, springtime blooms burst on the scene, transforming landscapes with a sea of colorful flowers. Pollinators are buzzing, gardeners are thrilled, and passersby can’t help but put a smile on their faces.


You, too, can enjoy this glorious spectacle in your yard by planting the right springtime flowers. Once in bloom, you can enjoy the show of blooms from late February/early March to mid-June or longer.


Below are some of the top performing spring flowers in San Diego that provide season-long color. You can plant these spring flowers now through April and into early May.

Which Flowers Bloom in Springtime?



French Lavender (Lavandula dentata): French lavender is an iconic waterwise plant prized for its purple blooms. It grows in zones 8-11 and thrives in locations with full sun exposure. It naturally repels insects like aphids and can be used as an affordable way to fill in lots of space.




pansy flowerPansy (Viola x wittrockiana): If you’re looking for an easy way to add a burst of color to your landscape, you can’t go wrong with pansy flowers. They bloom in an array of colors, including shades of red, purple, blue, yellow, and white. You can plant them in beds and borders with shrubs, edging, and more. They thrive in a location with full or partial sun and will bring butterflies into your garden.



Daffodil (Narcissus): It’s easy to see why Narcissus flowers are long-time favorites. Daffodils can paint your landscape with a sea of yellows and orange blooms. These waterwise flowers are easy to grow and look beautiful anyplace you plant them.





california lilacsCalifornia lilacs (Ceanothus): Come springtime, these showy plants will bloom an abundance of impressive blue flowers that can last into fall. California lilacs tolerate drought and dry, sandy, or rocky soils. They are an excellent choice for xeriscape garden applications.




Bearded Iris (I. germanica): There are many Bearded Iris cultivars, so finding the perfect blooming color for your landscape is a breeze. They thrive in bright and sunny areas in the garden and look great when used in perennial borders.





Lantana: Are you searching for a butterfly magnet? Look no further than Lantana. These heat-loving plants bring on the blooms, and their nectar-rich blooms are sure to attract a sea of butterflies to your garden. Plant Lantana in a location with at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight. You can plant Lantana against a wall or fence and create a bright and beautiful hedge.

lantana flower


Spring is a time when many bulbs are blooming. It’s also a perfect time to go outside and enjoy all that nature offers. Westturf is committed to enhancing landscapes with diligent landscaping services you can count on.


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