Top Tips for Trimming Bougainvillea Like A Pro

Top Tips for Trimming Bougainvillea Like A Pro


Bougainvillea is a beautiful addition to landscapes in Southern California. Once warm weather hits, these shrubbery vines put on a show and spice up landscapes with their brilliant, hot pink, and orange-toned papery, petal-like flowers. In this article, we'll provide essential tips, such as when to trim Bougainvillea so that it can give you an incredible show of colors. We'll also cover how to trim Bougainvillea.

We recommend applying these tips to trim Bougainvillea. Once you do, you'll find that Bougainvillea trimming is relatively easy!


The Benefits of Trimming Bougainvillea

Bougainvillea is sensitive, but they love to bask in the intense heat and afternoon sun we get during the summers in San Diego County. In many commercial landscapes, landscapers will often trim Bougainvillea back so that they can grow to be a shrubby groundcover or foundation. Like most flowering plants, trimming Bougainvillea is the best way to promote healthy growth. So, let's jump to when to trim Bougainvillea.

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When to Trim Bougainvillea

So, when is the best time to trim Bougainvillea? The best times for trimming Bougainvillea are during January and February, and we’ll discuss how to do it like a pro. You’ll want to trim Bougainvillea bare so they can produce abundant, colorful flowers in warmer weather. Plus, trimming plants in milder weather makes the job much easier!


But before you get to trimming Bougainvillea, make sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt and thick gloves. After all, Bougainvillea has thorny stems, which can be painful if they puncture your skin.


To trim Bougainvillea, here’s what you need to do:


  • Grab a pair of clean, sharp pruners or loppers.
  • Trim off any dead or overcrowded shoots.
  • Trim all the shoots coming off the main stem.
  • Trim so that there are only 2 or 3 buds left on each of them.
  • Trim away any twiggy or spindly growth.
  • Trim away dead or diseased branches.


Pro Tip: don’t be afraid of trimming Bougainvillea bare. The more you cut, the more it will bounce back and reward your landscape with a show of brilliant colors. Fertilize Bougainvillea in winter so that they’re ready in spring.

How Do You Keep Bougainvillea Blooming?

Trimming Bougainvillea is an essential way to encourage new blooms. But how do you keep them blooming? We discussed fertilizing Bougainvillea in winter for spring. However, it's a good idea to apply fertilizer every two weeks during their blooming season. Also, Bougainvillea loves to grow in an area with at least six hours of direct sun, so be sure that your Bougainvillea is getting plenty of direct sunlight every day.

Once established, Bougainvillea are good drought tolerant plants, That's why so many of these colorful, shrubby vines are planted on properties in Southern California. Once you learn to trim Bougainvillea, fertilize, and water them correctly, you can enjoy a colorful bloom of color in your yard.

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